Monday, July 8, 2013

Southern Oregon Wine- Very Civilized

Trium Winery- Rogue Valley, OR
Beautiful small boutique winery.  Great visit!

Dancin Winery, Rogue Valley, OR-
Great Atmosphere, Great Service, Beautiful!
A must on the wine tour.

Caprice Winery, Rogue Valley, OR.
Small Boutique winery.  Owners greet you and serve you great wine.
Bought the Chardonnay that Jim made from the grapes in the background (near the car)
and bought the Cabertnet Sauvignon- good!   Loved the atmosphere. 

Alpacas- this is what brought the owners of Caprice to Oregon.  Aren't they cute?

Valley View winery, Applegate, OR.  Fabulous late harvest
Sauvignon Blanc....reminded us of ice wine from Niagara!

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